Dear american friend

I know, you know, we, all know that you are visiting the blog for some strange reason that i can´t understand. Maybe, are you thinking to sue me for the illegal use of music? Are you an official from the RIAA? Let me to laugh. Do you catch the joke?. It doesn´t matter.
Well i´ll make easy your work. Don´t waste your time searching for evidences to imprison me in a dirty jail with Bubba the clown killer: I´m insolvent.
I must finish now, there is a sunny and hot day and i want to enjoy it, because tomorrow the clouds will cover the sky.

3 comentarios:

  1. cramaba, mi idea de Bubba es de un afroamericano parecido al prota de la milla verde.

  2. It has an explanation Eriwen :)
    Jajaja pues si Tortlon, llamandose Bubba, solo puede ser un afroamericano con la mirada perdida y los brazos más gruesos que el cuello de un toro. Espero no tener que encontrarmelo nunca :P
    Besos y abrazos!!


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